Bella Hadid Shares A Sneaky Pic Of Her Starboy(friend)

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Bella Hadid has been working for the weekend walking in back-to-back fashion shows across the globe lately. She’s also been hanging out with The Weeknd on the weekend, too — and she couldn’t help but share a snapshot from a night out with her boyfriend at the beginning of a very big one.

September 30 marked the drop of the second single, “False Alarm,” from The Weekend’s upcoming new album, Starboy. The track arrived just before his return to Saturday Night Live for the show’s season premiere, so clearly the couple have plenty to celebrate and appeared to do exactly that while out and about on Friday night.

It’s blurry and ordinary, as far as dinner table Insta shots go — The Weeknd (a.k.a Abel Tesfaye) is eyeballing his phone, and the low light turns candles and silverware into some streaky light tricks — but the ⭐️ tells us all we need to know about the man we can barely ID in the pic.

Stars: They’re just like us, creepin’ on bae over drinks and apps and bursting with pride via social media.

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