Is Trump Grabbing and Trying to Forcefully Kiss the Actress

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The leak of Donald Trump’s lewd comments on a hot mic from a 2005 interview with Access Hollywood, by most accounts, marked the beginning of the end of his campaign for the presidency.

Now, new footage has surfaced of Trump speaking with soap actress Adrianne Zucker, to whom his crude remarks were directed, and they prove that the stuff he said about how he is “automatically attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them,” isn’t just locker room talk, after all.

On Tuesday, Extra released a new clip showing what happened when the Access Hollywood cameras stopped rolling. The footage shows him doing an interview with the Zucker that ends in a cringe-worthy moment.

“You have to hit those lines properly, otherwise you’re out of business, right?” he says of his cameo on the show. “That’s right. You’re fired!” Zucker responds. “Am I allowed to say that?”

As the interview ends, Zucker says she is going to “sneak out” and then tries to shake Trump’s hand and make a quick exit. That’s when things get weird.

“Bye, baby,” Trump says, before grabbing her arm, pulling her in and motioning to kiss her. That’s where the clip provided by Extra ends, not showing if Trump successfully steals an kiss from Zucker against her will.

Apparently, this gross display and the hot mic that preceded it are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vile actions caught on camera. Let’s see how many more October surprises are left.

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