14 Hollywood Stars Who Immigrated to the U.S. and Became Citizens

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Samantha Bee was born in Toronto, Ontario, and discovered her passion for performing while at the University of Ottawa before joining The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in 2003 and then launching her own talk show in 2016.

She became a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. in 2014 — along with her husband, Jason Jones — and voted in her first election in November 2016.

Bee has been very vocal in speaking out against Trump and his travel ban.

On her Feb. 1 show, she gave a lesson on the difference between immigrants and refugees and then outlined Trump’s executive order, or “the executive hairball that Trump’s team coughed up for him to sign” that bans refugees for 120 days or longer.

“I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant pussy,” she concluded. “Here is a man who’s afraid of germs, stairs, books, unprocessed food, women, birds, Muslims, Russian pee tapes, inner cities and, of course, strong winds. But he can’t recognize the courage of people who survived literal war zones to come to a new country, start over with nothing and keep going each day despite the contempt with which we’re horrible enough to treat them.”

“You want a Muslim ban? We know you do, so say it already,” she said to Trump. “Own your pointless cruelty. That is why America voted for you … except for the majority of America that didn’t.”  

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