'Sense8': What to Expect From Season 2

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Murray Close/Netflix

After escaping Whispers (Terrence Mann, above) by the skin of their synapses in the first-season finale, the second season continues on a dark trajectory for Chicago cop Will (Brian J. Smith), who is injecting heroin in a bid to cloud his consciousness from Whisper’s unwelcome visits. Will being in a constant haze shifts his DJ girlfriend Riley (Tuppence Middleton) into the caretaker’s shoes, while Kala’s (Tina Desai) skills as a pharmacist become essential to his survival.  

“BPO is hunting us and we’re trying to avoid them, so the fact that I can now contribute scientifically comes much more into play,” Desai told THR of her late season-one reveal. “Constantly everyone is getting into these situations where they’re bruised or maimed, and I can help with that.”

Angelica (Hannah), cluster mentor Jonas (Naveen Andrews) and Whispers are all pieces to the larger BPO puzzle that gets filled in piece-by-piece as Sense8 attempts to repeat real history by hunting, with the hopes of exterminating, a species because they are different. “The writers are making a comment about the world we’re living in and it’s a gift if the viewer is able to see that,” Jamie Clayton, who plays American hacker Nomi, told THR. “You get to see this origin story with BPO and why we’re fighting against them, and how all of that unfolds is one of the most exciting parts about the season.” 

Sense8 broke ground with its inclusive message when it launched nearly two years ago, also featuring the first transgender character whose storyline didn’t revolve around transitioning with Nomi. “The fans of season one already know, and viewers who watch season two will see, how we are all the same,” the trans actress said of the diverse cast and characters. “Everybody does the same stuff. We all eat. We put on clothes, we fall in love. We go to weddings and funerals. It just looks different all over the world and for some reason, that scares a lot of people. But our fans, it doesn’t scare them. And that inspires me.”

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