Late-Night Lately: Colbert vs. Trump, 'Daily Show' Reunion, More Sean Spicer Jokes

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Late-night hosts had a field day covering President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, but then White House press secretary Sean Spicer gave a brief interview to Fox Business from the White House grounds and then vanished, reportedly disappearing into the shadows, huddling near a clump of bushes. On Wednesday night, late-night TV let loose on Spicer.

Jimmy Kimmel explained that “White House stress secretary” Spicer was headed off grounds when the Comey firing happened. “Sean Spicer’s about two weeks away from throwing down a smoke bomb and disappearing like Batman.” 

The host also poked fun at “someone who I thought might have run away,” Kellyanne Conway, who appeared on CNN to spar with Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night and Chris Cuomo the following morning over Trump’s decision.

Late Night‘s Seth Meyers also applauded Cooper’s now-viral eyeroll during Conway’s return to cable news TV, calling it “epic” and the “only silver lining” of the interview. “He rolled his eyes so far back I expected his makeup artist to run back on to draw in a new set of pupils.” 

“Sean Spicer ‘managed the narrative’ by hiding in the bushes so reporters wouldn’t film him because he’d rather get Lyme disease than talk to the press,” said Samantha Bee during her “Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis” segment. 

After calling Spicer the “original Boss Baby,” Colbert recapped the report and then hid in his own set of bushes to pose as Spicer. The Late Show host also commented on a “rehydrated Kellyanne Conway” and played the CNN clip, instructing viewers to watch his eyes: “He couldn’t possibly show more contempt than that.”

James Corden purported to have discovered Spicer’s secret hideout. “He did what any professional White House press secretary would do,” Corden recapped. “A grown man, hiding in the bushes from doing his job. That’s like when I hide in the gym toilets to avoid my personal trainer.”

He also broke out in laughter over Cooper’s eyeroll, replaying it in slow motion. “Even 14-year-old mean girls were like, ‘That was so impressive.’ I don’t know how Kellyanne Conway got so tanned because Anderson Cooper is throwing nothing but shade.”

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