Power Rankings!: Comedies You Need to Watch Before Anything Else

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‘People of Earth,’ ‘Archer’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

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Oh, this is a tremendous feeling, being so free, prancing around with confidence. The Power Rankings! are back and this week there’s no need for a whole lot of explanation about where they were and how they work. Feel me move.

Basically, you can just read last week’s version for the full explanation. If you’re lazy, first remember that they have always been highly scientific and they will remain that way. Second, this part is basically all you really need to know to stop yourself from sending emails and tweets about how wrong the rankings are or what I might have “forgotten” to include, so give it a good look: “The new Power Rankings! will focus on series that are either on right now or ended recently (and the subsequent season hasn’t started). That timeline can stretch as long as a year. We are living in times of TV saturation and the rankings will account for that, but there have to be some parameters… It’s impossible to watch every episode of every show every week so that idea is out the window.”

All good? Excellent. Let’s get into this week’s list, which focuses on the comedies that you have to watch right now before moving exponentially outward in your search.

Remember, some shows are not on this list because I haven’t seen them yet. Many shows are not on this list because they don’t deserve to be. A smattering didn’t make the “In the Mix” section because I either forgot about them or didn’t do the math on when they were last on the air (or they were international, making it more confusing).

And no, The Simpsons — which would qualify under the one-year thing — doesn’t need to be on this or any other list because if you haven’t ever watched it you don’t exist.

All hail the series that can hold down the No. 1 slot the longest. As you’ll see below, there are two numbers associated with each entry. The number on the left is the current ranking; the number on the right was its last ranking. They will of course match on the inaugural list.


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